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Pet Gifts USA LLC - Pet Related Gift Products

You can now find all of our great pet related gifts, including paw and bone shaped magnets, stickers, window tattoos, keychains, tote bags, tee shirts, mugs and garden or house flags at wholesale prices right here.

Pet Gifts USA LLC makes great pet related products, including Bone and Paw shaped magnets and stickers with fun sayings, some of which are breed related. We have items featuring your favorite dog and cat breeds. Celebrate our Armed Forces and Veterans with our Military Paws. And honor the memory of your lost loved ones with our Memory Paws. We offer a wide variety of products like T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Keychains, Mugs, K-Lines Window Tattoos, Bumper Stickers and Chompin At The Bit Horse related items.

Many of our products feature artwork from renowned artist Tamara Burnett. Tamara is particularly acclaimed for her unique ability to convey emotion and personality through the eyes of her subjects as well as for her exquisite attention to detail. Art connoisseurs throughout the world have enjoyed Tamara's beautiful renditions of pets and wildlife.

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